Howard T. Odum Florida Spring Institute: The Howard T. Odum Florida Springs Institute is a science-based educational nonprofit organization. This organization’s main focus is to document and protect Florida’s springs to ensure access to clean drinking water for current and future generations. 

The Florida Springs Council: FSC is a 501(c)3 non-profit coalition founded in 2014, composed of 45 member organizations representing over 360,000 Floridians. ​The mission of the Florida Springs Council is to ensure the restoration, preservation and protection for future generations of Florida’s springs and the Floridan aquifer that sustains those springs and provides our drinking water.

Friend Groups: These organizations raise funds, coordinate volunteer efforts, and otherwise advocate for specific springs and waterways. Each group has its own leadership and membership process.

North Florida Springs Alliance: The North Florida Springs Alliance (NFSA) is a Citizen Support Organization (CSO) for five state parks in north Florida. CSOs were created by Florida legislation as non-profit cooperatives with the state to conduct programs and activities to better our parks. These groups provide voluntary support by educating visitors, hosting events and raising funds for specific park improvement projects. The NFSA plays a vital role in supporting Florida’s state parks, ensuring that our natural, cultural and historical resources are protected for future generations.

Kings of the Springs: KOTS exists to inspire people to enjoy nature, to educate the public about environmental issues, and to get hands-on when protecting the environment. They use their platform for inspiring exploration and conservation of Florida’s natural springs by sharing epic and exciting free diving adventures. The KOTS website is coming soon, but until then, they’re a fun and interactive group on both Facebook and Instagram. Join them for one of their many clean-ups!